In the event of an emergency how long would it take to notify every store within your mall? How would you keep messages confidential from the shoppers while keeping everyone safe? MallCast allows you to quickly communicate timely news and information with your facility management, security to tenants, store managers, vendors, and more.

MallCast is a flexible alert and notification system that lets Mall managers effectively communicate via voice messages, text to speech, enhanced e-mail, and SMS text messages.

Communicate with every store, anytime, anywhere, on multiple devices with MallCast.

Web Portal

The nerve center for your MallCast communication system is the Web Portal. From here you can: send (or schedule) alerts, integrate contact, sync social media accounts, assign user privileges, manage account details, create and store message templates, judge the success of your alerts by advanced reports and more! Plus, you have the option to provide store managers, vendors and employees the opportunity to edit contact information with their own login!

Mobile Command Center

The MallCast Mobile Command Center is a FREE app developed specifically for communication on-the-go. Your Mobile Command Center App allows you the ability to quickly send (or schedule) messages directly from a variety of iOS and Android mobile devices. The built-in translation feature makes it visually easy to preview messages before they are sent. Also, all communications can be monitored from within the app.

Interactive Voice Response

Voice messages can be recorded in your own voice and sent from anywhere in the world by using any mobile or landline phone coupled with the MallCast Interactive Voice Response phone system. Simply dial the toll-free phone number then follow the prompts to send a message to everyone in your MallCast system or to specific groups.

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MallCast Features

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Emergency Quick Launch

In a crisis or emergency, every second counts. Saving a few steps to launch your alert or message can be most helpful. The Emergency Quick Launch tool was specifically designed to keep everyone in your mall safe and informed during a crisis situation. It allows you the ability to quickly get a message out to everyone associated with your mall utilizing multiple forms of communication at once.

Phone Calls in Your Voice or Text to Speech

MallCast offers you the ability to call everyone (or a select group) with a personal message recorded in your own voice or you can type out your message for a MallCast voice to read.

Email Messaging with Advanced Analytics and Open Statistics

MallCast administrators are able to confidently measure the success of email messages with Advanced Email Tracking. MallCast’s Advanced Email Tracking feature provides useful information regarding your email alerts. It allows you the ability to instantly access the successfulness of email messages.

Interactive Texting

According to Morgan Stanley, 97% of text messages are opened vs. only 5% of emails. Be sure your message is received with MallCast. MallCast’s innovative texting features give limitless possibilities to texting messages. With MallCast you can send informative text messages complete with file attachments.

Social Media Integration

According to PEW Research Center, 74% of adults use social networking sites. MallCast allows you the opportunity to communicate by providing you with the option to post your messages on your personal and/or mall social media accounts.

Message Templates

In an emergency situation, every second counts. Use MallCast Templates to create and store your voice, text to speech, email and text messages for quick access in an emergency situation.

Recipient Language Preferences

One size doesn’t always fit all. Some users want to hear from you in different ways and languages. MallCast’s language preference feature enables you to quickly and effectively communicate to all recipients in their preferred language.

User Dashboard

You may choose to allow employees, vendors, and/or stores to gain access to the MallCast User Dashboard. Here, users can update and add their individual contact information. Doing so, also allows users to share in the responsibility of data accuracy. The MallCast User Dashboard also provides users with the ability to view and retrieve any time/date stamped alert or message sent to them.

Automated Severe Weather Alerts

Ensure key decision makers receive weather information directly from The National Weather Service to keep your employees, vendors, and patrons safe. Receive alerts for weather events in your area in five easy steps, using the MallCast Weather Monitor.

Full Integration with Alertus Electrontic Signs, Desktop Solutions, and Panic Button

MallCast’s full integration with Alertus Electronic Signs, Desktop Solutions, and Panic Button makes mass notification easy when every second counts.

Survey Through Text or Voice

Trying to make a decision about something and want more insight? Take a quick survey with MallCast.