Is the success of your child care program depending on archaic communication tools?

The highest honor a parent can give you is to entrust their most precious treasure to your care — their child.   This privilege is solely dependent on your ability to maintain successful communication that builds trust and grows relationships between administrators, employees, children and parents.  Handwritten notes, daily reports on multicolored paper, and carefully orchestrated newsletters on cardstock are all worthless if they are never read by your parents. So how can you be sure your parents get your messages?

Safeguarding the flow of information within your preschool will enhance the quality of your program while setting the tone for crisis management along with establishing a positive reputation among your families, staff and community.

PreSchoolCast simplifies your communication process.

PreschoolCast_Communication Method_Web Portal

Web Portal

The nerve center for your PreSchoolCast communication system is the Web Portal.  From here you can: send (or schedule) alerts, integrate contact information from your preschool database system, sync social media accounts, assign user privileges, manage account details, create and store message templates, judge the success of your alerts by advanced reports and more! Plus, you have the option to provide board members, teachers, staff and parents the opportunity to edit contact information with their own login!

PreschoolCast_Communication Method_Mobile Device

Mobile Command Center

All PreSchoolCast customers have access to the FREE SchoolCast Mobile Command Center app developed specifically for administrators on-the-go. Your Mobile Command Center App allows you the ability to quickly send (or schedule) messages directly from a variety of iOS and Android mobile devices. The built-in translation feature makes it visually easy to preview messages before they are sent. Also, all communications can be monitored from within the app.


Interactive Voice Response

Voice messages can be recorded in your own voice and sent from anywhere in the world by using any mobile or landline phone coupled with the PreSchoolCast Interactive Voice Response Phone System. Simply dial the toll-free phone number then follow the prompts to send a message to everyone in your PreSchoolCast system or to specific groups.

PreSchoolCast Features

All the tools you need to provide the best possible communication experience for your families and staff.

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