Enhancing the college experience with messaging.

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Enhancing the college experience with messaging.

Mass and Targeted Messaging for Colleges

The cloud-based CampusCast Rapid Notification System makes it easier for college leaders to implement a comprehensive communication strategy to engage, inform and protect their campus population by utilizing mass & targeted SMS, Voice, and Email messaging while integrating with student information systems, social media accounts, RSS feeds, panic buttons, and more.

A single CampusCast™ notification can connect your institution with your students while providing powerful message analytics to help you gauge the success of your communication strategies.

Relevant communication methods can enhance your institution’s ability to effectively connect with your students in every stage of their college experience. Click below to learn how CampusCast increases engagement.

Connect with our Customer Success Team today and begin confidently building your college’s communication strategy with the CampusCast Rapid Notification System.

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