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Communication without Limitation

When you need to connect with your campus, you should be able to use whatever communication devices are available.  Your specially developed CampusCast Mobile Command Center App is designed to launch alerts and messages directly from a variety of Apple and Android mobile devices. 

That means voice, text-to-speech, email, and/or SMS text messages can be launched and monitored at a moment’s notice without being tethered to a computer or landline. 

Whether it’s an emergency when every second counts or just a routine reminder or notice, you can reach everyone – or specific groups – all from within your CampusCast Mobile Command Center App!

Launch and schedule SMS Text Messages, Voice Calls, and Email from Apple and Android devices!

Launch and schedule voice, text-to-speech, email, and SMS text messages directly from the CMCC

Set call and priority levels

Translate text-to-speech messages into one of five languages

Convert email and SMS text messages into one of more than 50 languages

Push graphics and video directly to intended recipients

Use alert templates created within the web portal

View alert details and monitor results

Learn about important feature updates for CampusCast

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