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Service Plans

ChurchCast Service Plans fit any budget.

We have service plans to fit every ministry. If you’re just starting out or if you are an established church with a large membership, we have a service plan to meet your needs.

ChurchCast offers two types of credit-based service plans to put you in control of your communication strategy. The Pay-As-You-Go Service Plan and Monthly Service Plan provide your church with the flexibility to connect with your faith family as often or as sporadic as your ministry requires.

What’s a credit?

Credits are the currency within your ChurchCast account that determine how many voice calls and/or SMS text messages can be sent or received from your system. Both the Pay-As-You-Go & Monthly Service Plans honor the credits in this way: 1 Credit per 2-Minute Phone Call and 1/2 Credit per 280 Character SMS Text Message. ChurchCast credits never expire. Meaning once you purchase them, it is up to your discretion on when and how you use them. 

What’s the difference in the service plans?

The difference is how you want to regulate your communication budget. The Monthly Service Plan enables you to automatically add a set amount of credits to your ChurchCast account each month. The Pay-As-You-Go Service Plan allows you to purchase credits as you need them.  Both service plan options include Voice & Text-to-Speech Phone Calls, SMS Text Messaging, and Advanced Email – plus all the latest ChurchCast features! Plus, 24/7 customer support!

ChurchCast Monthly Service Plan

Monthly Service Plans

 The Monthly Service Plan option allows your ministry team to set a budget with no surprises. Select a set amount of credits to be added to your ChurchCast account each month then use the credits as you need them. 

Click Here to See Monthly Service Plan Options

150 Credits

$15.95 Per Month

225 Credits

$23.95 Per Month

300 Credits

$31.95 Per Month

400 Credits

$38.95 Per Month

550 Credits

$46.95 Per Month

700 Credits

$54.95 Per Month

850 Credits

$62.95 Per Month

1150 Credits

$79.95 Per Month

1000 Credits

$69.95 Per Month

1500 Credits

$105.95 Per Month

2500 Credits

$165.95 Per Month

2500+ Credits

Available By Request

Pay-As-You-Go Service Plans

Not sure what your church needs or how to start? The Pay-As-You-Go Service Plan gives your ministry team the freedom to purchase a bulk amount of credits to use at your convenience. Once the credits are gone, you can purchase more or close your account. No strings attached.

Click Here to See Pay-As-You-Go Service Plans

200-4,999 Credits

$0.075 Per Credit

5k- 9,999 Credits

$0.065 Per Credit

10k – 24,999 Credits

$0.060 Per Credit

25k- 49,999 Credits

$0.055 Per Credit

50k – 99,999 Credits

$0.050 Per Credit

100,000+ Credits

Available by Request

Picking the best service plan.

Your ministry is unique and so are your communication needs. You can place an order by yourself online or you can connect with our Customer Success Team to help guide you through the process. Whichever you choose, we are here to serve you on your communication journey.

Interactive Voice Response – (866) 665-4383 or (800) 601-5448

24/7 Customer Support – (888) 988-5884

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