About HGS

HGS was founded in 2005 to help our clients improve direct communication. Since that time, we’ve expanded our product lines from mass and targeted notification systems to the development of online testing solutions.

Our goal is to help our clients reach the “high ground” in their respective communities and better fulfill their mission from this valuable and strategic position.


High Ground Solutions develops and implements leading edge communication solutions for multiple industries including Business/Corporate, Education, Government, Ministry, Nonprofits, Shopping Malls, and more. Plus, online testing solutions.

Having the “high ground” means seeing things more clearly. It’s about being able to make more effective decisions. It’s the power to know when to advance, how quickly and with whom.

The High Ground Solutions mission is to enable our clients to utilize our leading-edge technology solutions to 

enhance internal and external communication

encompass the power and reach of new media and communication methods

ease the task of communicating with all or targeted groups of people within our clients communities

provide unique ways of engaging our client's communities with effective two-way communication methods

help clients do a better job assessing development and growth with online testing

Let’s take the high ground together.

Our team is composed of a diverse group of software developers and customer success team members eager to learn more about your communication and testing needs. After serving multiple industries for over 10 years, we have learned how to partner with our customers to encourage authentic and strategic communication strategies within their communities. We would love to partner with you and your team to build relationships utilizing relevant messaging and online testing methods.

Customer Success Team – support@highgroundsolutions.com

Accounts Receivable – ar@highgroundsolutions.com

2100 River Haven Drive, Suite 210 Birmingham, Alabama 35244

(888) 988-5884

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