Shopping Mall Management Communication

MallCast enhances shopping mall management communication strategies with targeted and mass messaging.

The MallCast Shopping Mall Rapid Notification & Messaging System simplifies your shopping mall management’s communication strategies to easily connect with your tenants, employees, patrons and other key stakeholders with both targeted and mass messaging.

SMS Texts, Phone Calls, and Emails can be sent individually or in combinations — all while integrating with your shopping mall contact information systems, social media accounts, RSS feeds, panic buttons, push notifications, and more!

Simplify your shopping mall communication strategies by keeping your mall connected in all types of situations with MallCast!

Rent Reminders

Personnel Management

Special Events

Weather Threats

Patron Engagement

Health & Safety

Crime Reporting

Transportation Disruptions

IT Alerting & Cybersecurity

Facility Maintenance

Property Threats

Public Relations

Make it easy for your management team to connect with your shopping mall community from anywhere at anytime wtih MallCast’s cloud-based rapid notification system.

Easily Communicate with Your Shopping Mall from Anywhere

MallCast Web Portal. The MallCast Web Portal is the central hub for your Notification & Messaging System. Launch messages, manage contact information, sync social media accounts, assign user privileges, manage account details, create and store message templates, analyze message success and more! Plus, you have the option to provide your contacts with their own login to edit their information and review messages!

MallCast Interactive Voice Response System. Simply dial the toll-free phone number for the MallCast Interactive Voice Response System from any mobile or landline phone. You’ll be able to follow the prompts and easily connect with your shopping mall.

MallCast Mobile Command Center App. Your team can connect with your entire shopping mall or just select groups from anywhere with the MallCast Mobile Command Center App!  Routine reminders, quick notices, crisis messaging, future messages, and more can all be done with a variety of Apple and Android devices.

Save Time and Become More Efficient

Automatically Sync Your Contacts. Having the ability to fully integrate with a variety of third-party vendors, allows MallCast to make your communication process even easier. As a result, text messages, emails and phone calls can be configured, scheduled, launched and reviewed with ease and precision.  Saving your team valuable time.

Create and Store Message Templates. Perfect your message then save it for reuse with MallCast message templates.  Your team can create and organize messages for future use. Then easily access them from the web portal and mobile command center app! 

Measure the Success of your Messages.  MallCast eliminates the confusion of how many contacts were reached, who reviewed your message, who has bad contact information, who responded, and more! You can access the advanced message analytics reports from the web portal, mobile command center app and/or have a report emailed to you.

Build Trust and Meaningfully Connect

Effectively Communicate In Multiple Languages. Easily connect with Non-English speaking members of your shopping mall community! The MallCast Language Preferences feature equips your leaders with the ability to fluently communicate with everyone in their preferred language via text, email, and text-to-speech messages!

Set the Tone of Your Message with Voice Messaging. Record voice messages, upload prerecorded voice files and create voice templates with MallCast. Then easily send your voice message via phone call, SMS text, email, and more!

Easily Connect with Social Media. MallCast strengthens your voice with social media integration. Sync your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to save time and effort.

Establish Groups and Maintain Clean Data

Create Unlimited Groups Within Your Contacts. Your shopping mall management department has lots of moving parts with many people carrying a variety of responsibilities. Provide a quick network for your leaders to connect with various groups. Since groups are unlimited, the possibilities are endless with contacts being in multiple groups.

Grant Leaders Access To Connect With Specific Groups. Have multiple locations, administrators, and/or security teams? Equip your leaders with the tools to quickly connect with their locations/groups. Provide permissions for them to launch messages to their select groups and measure the success of their efforts with message analytics.

Clean-Up Your Contacts & Expedite Delivering Messages. In this age of ever-changing contact information, MallCast reports can be a database manager’s best friend. It not only quickly gathers your inaccurate contact information but it also provides information on if the recipient received your message! Plus, MallCast provides free phone verification services to help you maintain accurate phone type labels to ensure your message is received.

Sustain Interest and Collect Information

Targeted Interactive Texting. Quickly keep your shopping mall community informed with SMS text messages complete with hyperlinks, file attachments, and surveys. Plus, your contacts can initiate a conversation with your mall with custom SMS Keywords and two-way SMS texting. For example, your mall may use a keyword for anyone to report suspicious activity or for potential tenants to learn more about space available for lease.

Build Interest & Tell Your Story With HTML Email Messages. Empower awareness, spotlight successes, encourage participation and cultivate shopping mall relationships with MallCast’s HTML email builder. Build your own, import designs you like, and/or use templates provided by our MallCast Success Team. Plus, embed video and more!

Send A Quick Survey & Capture Responses Via Voice & SMS. Receive instant feedback directly from your message recipients allowing you to make timely decisions. Then sort your responses and create groups for continued communications.

Empower your management team with the MallCast Shopping Mall Rapid Notification System’s targeted and mass messaging!

Learn how MallCast can enhance and simplify your Shopping Mall Management Communication strategies with targeted and mass messaging!

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