MallCast Free Phone Number Verification Services

MallCast provides free phone verification services for all MallCast customers.

In the past landlines were the assumed “home” phone number or primary phone number type. According to a recent study by Statista, in the past two years, the cell phone has become the primary phone source for U.S. households while landlines are considered a “dying breed”.

Why does it matter?

Your MallCast system relies on the phone number type to determine the type of messages each number will receive. Meaning when a number is labeled home or work the system assumes this number is a landline phone number and will not send SMS messages. Thus hindering your attempt to quickly and easily communicate.

How can we fix it?

As a valued MallCast Family Member, we can perform a clean sweep of the phone numbers within your MallCast system. Our Free Phone Number Verification Service reviews all your contact numbers and properly labels them as cell or landline.

Once the verification process is complete, all phone numbers will be accurately labeled within your MallCast system thus equipping you with the tools to reach your contacts in every possible manner when it matters most.

What should you consider before cleaning your data?

How do your contact forms identify phone types?

Are you still requiring a “home phone” or “primary phone” on your contact forms?  As you see in the chart above, true “home” phone numbers are no longer the preferred method of communication. However, if you are requiring a “home” number many contacts will just add their cell phone number. While “primary phone” is still meaningful, consider adding the phone type to the description (landline/cell). Making these changes will set your communication strategy up for success and eliminate confusion.

Is your data TCPA compliant?

TCPA Compliance requires you to have permission from the phone number owner to call them or message them on their mobile phone. This permission can be easily attained at the start of your communication relationship by simply defining your use of MallCast as a rapid notification tool and requesting permission to contact them using the system. Learn more here.

Have Questions?

Our team is eager to help you strengthen your communication strategy.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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