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RapidCast’s versatile system empowers industry leaders with the tools to send mass & targeted SMS texts, phone calls, and emails — plus integrate with contact management systems, social media accounts, RSS feeds, and more.

Let us introduce ourselves.

Hi there! We’re RapidCast. We have been connecting businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits with their stakeholders since 2005 with our flexible rapid notification system.

RapidCast was developed to help leaders like you improve communication by combining multiple notification methods into one easy-to-use source.

Essentially, our partners are able to engage and uniquely strengthen relationships with their stakeholders by delivering messages the way their contacts want to receive them. Then easily measure the success of their messages with detailed reports and analytics.

We believe solid communication strategies are the foundation for successful crisis management, business continuity, employee engagement, and stakeholder relationships.

Leaders across all industries need to effectively communicate yet every industry is composed of its own challenges and idiosyncrasies. Click below to learn how we have tailored our services to compliment your needs.

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