RapidCast Nonprofit Mass & Targeted Messaging

RapidCast strengthens nonprofit relationships.

RapidCast Nonprofit Mass & Targeted Messaging System is a cloud-based notification system that equips nonprofit leaders with the tools to confidently connect via mass & targeted SMS Texts, Phone Calls, and Emails — all while integrating with contact database systems, social media accounts, RSS feeds, panic buttons, push notifications, and more!

Your organization is not confined to a building, timeframe or device.

Your communication strategy shouldn’t be either.

Operating a nonprofit organization often means relying on the support of donors to serve your community while juggling operational responsibilities, clients, employees, and volunteers among other things.

Keeping each of them informed and committed to your mission is imperative for the successfulness of your organization.

All you need is an internet connection, mobile connection, or landline phone to access your RapidCast Nonprofit Mass & Targeted Messaging system.

RapidCast’s flexible system has everything you need to easily connect with your clients, donors, volunteers, and staff.

Personalize Your Message
in Your Own Voice.

So much of our communication is done with the inflection of our voices during a conversation. Our voice message feature allows you to capture the intent behind your message and how it is presented by enabling you to record it in your own voice.

Instantly Measure the
Success of Your Messages.

Our Advanced Analytics feature enables you to quickly monitor the success of your messages including who was contacted, who received your message, whose information is invalid, who responded, and more!

Sync Your Contacts.

Having the ability to fully integrate with a variety of third-party vendors, allows RapidCast to make communication even easier. As a result, calls, emails and text messages to targeted groups can be configured then scheduled with ease and greater precision.

Save Time by Integrating
Your Social Media Accounts.

According to PEW Research Center, 74% of adults use social networking sites. RapidCast allows you the opportunity to communicate with your nonprofit family where they are by providing you with the option to post your messages on your social media accounts.

Effectively Communicate
in Their Preferred Language.

One size doesn’t always fit all. Your contacts want to hear from you in different ways and languages. Our Language Preferences feature enables administrators to communicate with everyone in their own language via text, email, and text to speech messages.

Protect Your Team 
when Severe Weather Strikes.

Ensure key decision makers receive weather information directly from The National Weather Service to keep your nonprofit family safe. Receive alerts for weather events in your organization’s area in five easy steps, using the RapidCast’s Weather Monitor.

Create and Store Message
Templates for Future Use.

There are some messages you tend to repeat often. Why not perfect your message and presentation then save it for future use?  Our Message Template feature enables you to create and organize your voice, text to speech, email and text messages for future use.

Clean-Up Your Contacts & 
Expedite Delivering Messages.

In this age of ever-changing contact information, RapidCast reports can be a database manager’s best friend. It not only quickly gathers your inaccurate contact information but it also provides information on if the recipient received your message!

Grant Permissions for Contacts to Update Their Information.

You may choose to allow key stakeholders to gain access to the RapidCast Dashboard. Here, your nonprofit family members can update and add their contact information. Doing so, also allows contacts to share in the responsibility of data accuracy. The RapidCast Dashboard also provides contacts with the ability to view and retrieve any time/date stamped alert or message sent.

Take Quick Surveys
through Text or Voice.

Receive instant feedback directly from your message recipients allowing you to make timely decisions.

Link Your Voice Messages
in Emails, Texts, & Social Media.

Sharing a link to your voice alert can be a big time-saver while providing an additional solution for quickly reaching your voice alert recipients. RapidCast’s Voice Alerts within Emails, Texts, and Social Media Posts offers flexible delivery of voice alerts.

Keep Your Organization Safe
& Informed During a Crisis.

In a crisis or emergency, every second counts. Saving a few steps to launch your message can be most helpful. The “Emergency Quick Launch” tool was specifically designed to give you the ability to quickly get a message out to everyone utilizing multiple forms of communication.

Connect with a RapidCast Nonprofit Mass & Targeted Messaging Consultant today for ideas on how to engage your nonprofit family.


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