Parent Engagement

SchoolCast increases parent engagement.

Creating a welcoming environment for parents to have ownership in their student’s educational experiences is imperative for your school’s success.

The SchoolCast Notification System fuels the relationship with parents and educators utilizing easy to use targeted and mass messaging tools.

SMS Texts, Phone Calls, and Emails can be sent individually or in combinations — all while integrating with your student information systems, social media accounts, RSS feeds, push notifications, and more!

Personally engage and build relationships with your parents in their preferred methods of communication with SchoolCast.

Successful parent-education partnerships require effective communication strategies to keep parents informed and involved in decisions regarding their student’s educational goals, experiences, and successes.  

SchoolCast strengthens your parent relationships by providing your school with the tools to maintain relevant communication strategies for every aspect of your school!

Spark interest and empower parent engagement from anywhere at any time with SchoolCast’s cloud-based system.

Implement a comprehensive parent engagement strategy with SchoolCast.

Be the first to share information.
The “Emergency Quick Launch” tool was specifically designed to give you the ability to quickly get important information out utilizing multiple forms of communication reaching the largest amount of people. 
Effectively Communicate in Multiple Languages.
Chances are there are members of your community that speak another language. Our Language Preferences feature equips your leaders with the ability to fluently to communicate with everyone in their own language via text, email, and text-to-speech messages.
Save Time by Automatically Syncing Your Contacts.
Having the ability to fully integrate with a variety of third-party vendors, allows SchoolCast to make your communication process even easier. As a result, calls, emails, and text messages can be configured, scheduled, launched and reviewed with ease and precision.  Saving your team valuable time.
Set The Tone & Personalize Messages in Leadership Voices.
Our voice message feature allows you to capture the intent behind your message and how it is presented by enabling your team to record messages, upload voice files, and create voice templates in your community leaders voices.
Engage in Conversation with SMS Text Messaging.
Send informative SMS text messages complete with hyperlinks, file attachments, and message analytics. Keep the conversation going and collect information from recipients with our two-way SMS texting.
Tell Your Story with HTML Email Messages.
Build school awareness, spotlight educators and students, encourage participation and cultivate relationships with SchoolCast’s HTML email builder. Build your own, import designs you like, and/or use templates provided by our SchoolCast Success Team.
Instantly Measure the Success of Your Messages.
Our Advanced Analytics feature enables you to quickly monitor the success of your messages including how many contacts were reached, who reviewed your message, who has bad contact information, who responded, and more! You can access the reports from the web portal, mobile command center app and/or have a report emailed to you.
Create and Store Message Templates for Future Use.
Our Message Template feature enables you to create and organize your voice, text to speech, email and text messages for future use. Crisis information, routine messages and more are readily available when you need them.
Increase Participation with Custom Keyword Texting.
SMS keywords launch an opt-in flow that captures and stores the contact’s information to receive future notifications. Keywords can also be used to collect information in response to questions, surveys and more! For example, your school may use a keyword to receive registration information.
Give Teachers Flexibility to Easily Connect With Their Classes.
Have multiple campuses, administrators, teachers, and staff? Equip your team with the tools to quickly connect with their locations/groups. Provide permissions for them to launch messages to their select groups, maintain accountability with message documentation and measure the success of their efforts with message analytics. With SchoolCast’s unlimited groups’ feature – the possibilities are endless.
Link Your Voice Messages within Texts, Emails & More!
It is not unusual for local phone lines and/or mobile towers to struggle during a community-wide crisis thus hindering the effectiveness of phone calls. SchoolCast safeguards your message by enabling you to send voice messages via SMS text message, email, and social media. The message is sent as a link for your recipients to simply click and hear your message. Sharing a link to your voice alert can be a big time-saver while providing an additional solution for quickly reaching your recipients. 
Save Time by Integrating Your Social Media Accounts.
SchoolCast strengthens your voice with social media integration. Sync your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to save time and effort. 
Introduce Exciting News & Share Updates by Embedding Video.
Share training videos, create awareness, and more by embedding videos in your emails. Easily embed your YouTube & Vimeo videos within your HTML email messages! 

Your parents are waiting to hear from you.

Connect with our team today and learn how SchoolCast can increase your parent engagement.


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