Custom Branded Mobile Apps for Schools

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SchoolCast Mobile Solutions works closely with you to connect your education system with your school community.

Imagine everything unique about your district and schools being combined in a distinctive package for your students, parents, staff and community to enjoy!

Share your story with your custom branded mobile app!

The SchoolCast Mobile Solutions Team is passionate about helping you establish your mobile presence on the smart phones and tablets of everyone in your school community.

Encourage School Pride and Engagement with User Friendly Features.

Stimulate Engagement with

Customizable Timeline Views.

Improve Communication

With Push Notifications.

Showcase District News 

and School Updates.

Boost Participation and

Involvement for School Events.

Enlighten and Empower with

Educational Resource Information.

Encourage Relationships with

Faculty and Staff Contact Information.

Instill Community with

Social Media.

Captivate with Educational

Photos and Videos.

Inspire Healthy Lifestyles with

School Menus & Meal Plans.

Improve Student Achievement

and Parental Involvement.

Ensure No One Gets Lost 

with Real Time Mapping.

Experience the difference of an engaged school community through your mobile app.

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