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A Revolution in Online Testing

In today’s digital world, the educators, the education, and the assessment must be efficient and relevant to the technology trends in education. The individualization, relevance, and flexibility that TestPoint™ brings can enable many of today’s schools to assess students at a higher level.


TestPoint™ is a tool to help schools do a better job academically to provide the best assessment possible for the school, the parents, and the students.

Academic Testing Competition

TestPoint™ Academic Testing Competition Program is a valuable asset for any educational association, homeschool group, or other school entities. This testing method will reduce administrative costs associated with a typical academic competition.

Achievement Testing

TestPoint™ Achievement Tests are online, nationally-normed achievement tests which are scored instantly.These achievement tests accurately measure the basic skill development of students in the time-honored subjects of reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and composition, spelling, and mathematics in five different levels for grades 1-12.

Assessment Testing

TestPoint™ Assessment Tests allow schools or parents to focus on the individual learner using grade-specific and subject-specific tests.  These assessment tests focus on three primary content areas – Language, Reading, and Mathematics. Content was developed from a review of information from publishers, content and curriculum experts, master teachers, and current educational standards.

Placement Testing

TestPoint™ Placement Tests provide an excellent tool to help meet this need by offering pre-admission tests in language, reading, and mathematics. Using cutting-edge technology, the TestPoint™ placement testing program is an online, web-based system designed to help schools administer and score pre-admission tests.

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